Sunset Sherbert

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This addictive bud has a fruity cookie flavor with a hint of minty cream and one of the smoothest exhales you’ll ever experience. The aroma is slightly pungent with a sweet creamy overtone that’s accented by fruits and a touch of sharp mint that will wake you up with one whiff. The Sunset Sherbert high is just as tasty as its flavors, with uplifted effects that are calming without weighing you down. The high begins with an almost immediate onset of an incredibly euphoric lift that instantly wipes away any negative thoughts and leaves you feeling happy. You might experience a slight increase in energy for a short while, but this typically fades very quickly into an overall sense of calm and awareness.



Sunset Sherbert a great bud for all users who suffer from conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

Sunset Sherbet will make medium to huge-sized dense indica buds. The extensive leaves can be a lively spring inexperienced, set off by rust-colored pistils. In certain phenotypes, bouquets show flashes of deep purple, specifically in colder temperatures. Sticky trichomes dot the previously-colorful flowers, giving them a silvery sheen. The aroma of sweet berries and fresh new orange zest jumps off with the cured buds, a tantalizing combination of Sunset Sherbet’s dad or mum strains.

The style of Sunset Sherbet x Kush Mints when smoked, nevertheless, is another issue. While the minty/menthol smells are noteworthy on the inhale, I obtain there for being a really pleasant kush/hash flavor within the exhale that lingers after the end.Our strain testimonials are multilingual, searchable and can be quite thorough – which includes information regarding the develop, aroma, consequences and flavor! Make sure you add your Sunset Sherbert Critique right here to assist one other seedfinder buyers

Sunset Sherbet is a selection anybody would love to get within the garden. She has all-star features that depict the most effective attributes obtained from both of her mom and dad. Pink Panties is thought to become a Burmese Kush bred to a Florida Kush backcross. This exceptional and extremely scarce phenotype coupled with the infamous Female Scout Cookie lineage has truly developed a must-have cultivar with the back garden.