OG Kush Strain Review. An Instant Classic

OG Kush Strain cannabis strain Created in la, that is one of the maximum famous Californian lines. This stress is strong, and no longer endorsed for beginners. The buds scent of pine, earth and spices. it is able to deal with nausea, ache, despair, tension and bipolar sickness.

Type of high

OG Kush hashish stress’s high is a effective and seemingly everlasting trance similar to a mind-body soften. it’ll uplift you and then offer a luxurious laziness that results in sofa lock.


Pressure Lineage: OG Kush cannabis pressure is a three-way move between Lemon Thai, Chemdawg, and vintage international Paki Kush hashish traces.

OG Kush famend For Its Medicinal features

Nearly every body has heard of the marijuana stress, OG Kush. It’s easily one of the maximum popular medical marijuana lines grown and sold by way of dispensaries nowadays. Its popularity has skyrocketed among celebrities, musicians, and medical marijuana patients alike; acknowledged specifically for its notably resinous, sticky, and condensed buds that create a complete-body warp. OG Kush is taken into consideration to be powerful night-time medication that is right at easing body ailments, chronic migraines, bipolar issues, tension, despair, vomiting, stomach issues, and much extra. OG Kush is a strong Hybrid so as to depart you in a deep, stoney trance a good way to have you staring off into area for multiple extended hours.

What the “OG” in OG Kush Stands For

There are a whole lot of commonplace misconceptions surrounding OG Kush Strain, maximum considerably the confusion wherein the pressure comes from and what specific genetics OG Kush includes. There are numerous mysterious legends about OG Kush and what ‘OG’ stands for, but… the reality remains unproven to these days.

Kailua kid from the Sierra Seed company believes that during past due ninety three’ a grower in northern California were given his hands at the famous Chemdawg pressure. He goes on to mention (summarized from Seedfinder.ecu), that this turned into shared with a fellow grower from sunset beach who claimed he had a male that changed into the, “mystery factor,” for breeding. The male become a pass of Lemon Thai and an old world Paki Kush (probably where the ‘Kush’ came from), and changed into a great mix for the Chemdawg. The buds have become wildly famous in los angeles with the aid of ’95. We additionally came throughout a number of different (less-possibly) theories approximately the origins of OG Kush and attempt to explain what ‘OG’ stands for. a few people consider that the ‘OG’ is a memorial to OverGrown.com, which was the arena’s biggest cannabis grow site until 2006 after they have been shut down by way of the Canadian police for, “illegally distributing seeds.” Others agree with that ‘OG’ stands for, “original Gangster,” which changed into a strain from the San Fernando Valley in l.  a.. it is concept that that is the plant that produced the OG’s that have become so famous in southern California, setting the area at the clinical marijuana map.

OG Kush stress Origins. Is OG Kush Indica or Sativa?

OG Kush for the most element. The one grown through Silver Stem is leaning to it, even though many locate the pressure greater sativa leaning, which also depends on the phenotype. Its origins are not one hundred% clean because it often occurs. Even the “OG” in it has constantly been a count of numerous arguments. Maximum say it stands for “ocean grown” regarding the West Coast, however some believe it stands for “vintage gangsta”. One of the principal theories approximately the way OG Kush seemed on the scene is crossing Chem Dawg and a landrace Hindu Kush. a few accounts word that the second “ingredient” was a go of Lemon Thai and antique global Paki Kush. But others claim that it came from a seed bag as a phenotype of an unknown Florida pressure. Whatever they may be, the stress is so strong it “gave start” to a whole line of different crosses and phenotypes, which includes Kosher Kush, GSC (previously woman Scout Cookies) and headband.

OG Kush’s scent and flavor

OG Kush is dank! This is the primary aspect the majority will inform you. And it’s miles absolutely authentic. The odor of buds may be very woody and earthy. While smoked, OG Kush is hashy, spicy and skunky with tones of citrus and diesel, leaving the stinky smell all rounds, which is first-rate if you aren’t trying to be discreet.

OG Kush looks

The buds of OG Kush Strain are vivid, protected in lengthy orange and brow hairs. OG Kush produces one of the stickiest buds accessible. The leaves are yellowish or purplish depending at the phenotype.

How a great deal THC is in OG Kush?

OG Kush is a totally effective pressure with THC ranging everywhere from 22% to 27%. The CBD content is low, typically around 0.5%. It’s miles a powerful pressure with brief onset of outcomes, making it popular amongst clinical patients and people playing a powerful excessive. The terpene profile of OG Kush is dominated by using Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, and Linalool.

What Are the effects, facet results and advantages of OG Kush?

The excessive is short, and ever-changing, in a manner adopting itself to the consumer’s mind set. The high is not racy as it frequently occurs with natural sativas. it is focused yet calm, slowly evolving into widespread expanded temper, relaxation and euphoria. it’s miles a first rate partner for routine obligations in addition to creative ones. if you enjoy sex at the same time as high, OG Kush is one of the pinnacle traces for it.

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